Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To win $$$$$$$

每次看那些參加電視節目而得獎金的人,我的眼睛都是$$$$$$$。我對Steve說,不如你也去參加贏獎金!” “No!” “為什麼不?” “我不想在這麼多人的電視機螢幕出現。


而且他也很不喜歡當佛光山的義賣銷售義工,為什麼你這麼害羞接近陌生人?” “就是因為害羞,所以我之前都没有女朋友。” “那你第一次到檳城與我見面,一定是要很大的勇氣!

Every time my eyes are like $$$$$$$ when I see contestants win money on TV shows. I said to Steve, “How about you go to this show to win some money!” “No!” “Why not?” “I don’t want to be in front of people on TV.”

Mmm….Steve really is a very shy person. Twice we have been asked by reporters when we were at Chinese New Year celebrations in Penang. The reporter wanted to interview Steve, but when Steve saw the video cameraman, he shook his head and refused! He doesn’t even want to go on TV shows that have a chance to win money, so these media interviews have no chance to get him at all.

He also didn’t like being a sales volunteer at the Fo Guang Shan booth. “Why are you shy to approach strangers?” “That’s why I didn’t have a girlfriend before, because I am too shy.” “But you were brave enough that you came to Penang to meet me!”


Anonymous said...

Hi Sinee and Steve,

How are you? Nice to read your blog and glad that I can read both language. My name is Connie, a friend of Steve's friend, Joe. I'm a Chinese from Hong Kong. I'm not sure if Joe had told you about our story. We knew each other in the train of Tokyo. You may ask Joe for details if you wanna know.

Joe told me about your story and I'm really interested in it, so he sent me your blog for sharing. I wish I could have chance to meet you two.

Have a wonderful life!


lktan_sinee said...

Hi Connie,
Nice to hear from you! Yes, we heard a little bit about you from Joe. And I wish to meet you too.