Tuesday, February 26, 2013

US - Key West and Dry Tortugas

We had a day trip by ferry from Key West to Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas islands.

$165 included breakfast and lunch.

It would be nice if by air.


The Yankee Ferry company staff provided a guided tour of Fort Jefferson.

The sunshine divides the gates.

Story about cannon...

A boy felt bored sitting there while his mom was listening to the tour guide.
A girl walking on the moat wall, she and her family going to snorkeling.
After the tour, Steve and I went snorkeling, very beautiful coral.

We could see the coral also when we were walking on the moat wall. 

Ferry back to Key West arrive around 5.30 p.m.
We headed to see sunset, with a crowd of people.

A couple having a sunset cruise wedding.

So romantic and beautiful.

Sunset gone, the street performances begin.

These two guys' performance was really awesome, 
and they have good strategy wanting tips from audiences. 
It seems they are successful. 

 The next morning, I said to Steve nicely, I want to see The Southernmost point before leaving Key West. But he said no, and driving about 5 miles then. 
He turned back after my voice louder.
Here, I see the view, southernmost in the continental USA. 

If I didn't see it at that moment, I didn't know when I will back to this place again.

First time we flew by Southwest airline, I love it.
Not only because of their heart shape logo, but their service is good.

We were in nice warm weather at Fort Lauderdale airport but coming home we saw the ground covered in snow.

Monday, February 25, 2013

US - Everglades and Coral Castle

I thought we lost our rental car's license plate. 
We didn't.  Cars don't need a license plate in front in Florida. 

Spanish moss hanging from the trees in the parking lot at Flamingo Point in Everglades National Park.

 Wild life, many kind of birds.

The Great blue heron is the largest of the wading birds.

Special adaptations enable the Anhinga to swim underwater in search of fish. Because its feathers become too wet to fly, it spreads its wings to dry.

American alligators.

A stall having some tropical fruits, like papaya, ciku, etc.
 I had never seen some of the fruits in there.

I tasted these two new fruits as they got ripe enough to eat.

 This Coral Castle was built by one man, from 1923-1951.

At that time, the visitor just paid 10 cents for admittance. 
2013, the entrance fee is $15.

The chair, carved out of coral, is quite comfortable.

Definitely, I love the big and small hearts-shaped coral 'Feast of Love Table'.  

And I found a heart shaped souvenir in their gift shop.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Double V Rainbow on Valentine's Day

Valentine's day flower from my love

We went for a walk, and I always wondered about a neighbor who dresses up his wooden boy.
Here we've got....

The owner has a Facebook page: Nathan Wooden Boy Heisler

The sunset reflected a very beautiful double V rainbow 
We simply have a very happy Valentine's day.

當我回到我的電腦看到有一紅包,我問相公:Valentine's AngPow?

哈哈。。新年財神爺給紅包;Valentine day愛神給紅包。

Friday, February 8, 2013

I miss my family's traditional Chinese New Year





讓我想到'quen jiang'(潮州話),很久沒吃了,我差點忘了這媽媽過年過節常會做的小食,卷煎。我媽初-十五持素,她做的是素'quen jiang',那時住跟父母,常會吃到,但並不怎麼想念,即使外面食檔從沒看到有人賣這潮州卷煎。突然想起就特別懷念了。。。






放水加糖煮至白果軟,加桂圓和香葉 (pandan leaves)。