Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aware of it

有人認為現今的人有很多精神狀况病症、身體疾病,其中一項因素是來自壓力!我覺得是有些 根据


一年后,我想起白髮魔女 的故事,她因誤會認為愛人出賣她,徹底對情愛轉成恨、憤怒、失望一夜之間美髮變成白髮。雖然這是小說,但我相信,當人在承受極大或突如其來的壓力時,其意識卻没能認知或無法承受時,身體的某部份就會承擔起那些壓力



Someone said that one of the reasons many people have mental illness or physical diseases in this modern century is from stress! I think there is some truth in this statement…

Let’s use one of my examples. I had white hairs but not many that were very obvious. Since I moved to the USA, the white hairs came without my invitation; they haven’t stopped coming and coming, more and more. I always wondered why suddenly there are many; perhaps I don’t want to admit I am old.

A year later, I remembered the story ‘The bride with white hair’. The bride thought her groom had betrayed her and she totally shifted love to hate, anger, disappointed… Just at that moment, her beautiful hair changed to white. It was from a novel, but I believed…if a person suddenly has an extreme issue or stress, and her/his consciousness still couldn’t recognize or endure it, a part of the body might take on that stress…

Even though my rational thought says it should be fast and easy to adjust to my change in life, my subconscious is not as fast as my mind ‘pace’. That might be my hairs undertaking the stress! Will the white hair change to black hair naturally? I don’t know! However, I am grateful for my white hair; they wanted me to be aware.

Do you believe that? If you feel your body or mind has something that is not well, don’t ignore it or delay. Please be aware or see someone who can help you up.

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