Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Bahamas - Rose Island

Seventh day, we went snorkeling at Rose Island by Flying Cloud's catamaran $60. 

The catamaran has two hulls and is a wonderful boat that we can sit or lay on. 

A boat sunk during a hurricane a few years ago.

See, a little island with coconut tress along the way, just beautiful. 
Who owns a private island?

This trip is either to the beach or snorkeling. Of course, we chose snorkeling. 

They dropped off the guests who wanted to go to the beach, and then took the rest of the guests to the reef to snorkel for 1 hour. 

These are the most beautiful coral and fishes compared to the other snorkeling we took in the Bahamas. 

After snorkeling, they went back to pick up the guests on the beach.

The package included 2 drinks - rum punch and soda. 

While the boat was sailing back, I made a mistake and drank about 60% of the cup of rum punch. 

I felt my face get very hot and my eyes felt swollen.

When we arrived at the terminal, we saw our picture for sale $20.

I felt dizzy during the bus ride back to the hotel and I tried to hold my upset stomach until I got to the hotel room's toilet. 
All my breakfast came up. Rum punch is tasty but I didn't know it was so bad for me!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Bahamas - Blue Lagoon Island

Sixth day, we went on a package tour to Blue Lagoon Island $54, where we could observe dolphins and sea lions.

A baby dolphin, just 10 days old, swimming with mother dolphin. 

There are several kinds of packages with different prices.

Dolphin Encounter $98

Dolphin Swim $185

Sea Lion Encounter $90

They also have a touch tank where the staff put a see egg urchin on our palm. 

Lunch was included, then we relaxed and had a little nap on a big hammock.

Then we went swimming and playing on the slide. Those toys are for young people, but I was going to try... Oh man, I think I getting 1 year older is what made it hard to get up onto it. I needed someone to help pull me up.

Steve on the slide. We both went twice. It's fun. 

See, who found this shape of rock? 
Yes, he said he saw a heart shape rock.

The Bahamas - Paradise Island

Fifth day, we took the public bus to the bridge to Paradise Island. 

Some of the signs in the bus are humorous. 

There are two bridges: one way each to and from for vehicles to Paradise Island, but both bridges have sidewalks, so we walked across.

That island is famous for the Atlantis resort - casino, water park, aquarium and other activities. 

We didn't go for any of them but just walked around the casino and shopping areas. 

Then we walked to Cabbage beach. 

We came back to Nassau by ferry, and the staff talked about the 10 room suite that looks like a bridge between 2 towers of the hotel. 
"How much per night?" 
"$25,000 per night and min for 4 nights." 

"Yoga Retreat, they only eat vegetables, fruits and nuts. It's nuts."

"The wooden shack is from the James Bond movie "Thunderball", back in the 1960s."

The ferry stop at Downtown, Nassau. I like the colorful of little stores.

After we had food at Burger King, we took another public bus to Cable Beach. 

Who drew a heart on the sands? 
No, he is not as romantic as you thought.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Bahamas - Exuma

Steve said if he buys jewelry for my birthday, the gift would be much cheaper.
Then I will ask for a 1 carat heart shaped diamond, he might regret it.
Fourth day, we went on a day boat trip to one of the little islands called Exuma. $200 for adult (we got 10% discount). It took about 1.5 hours ride, one way. 

First stop was to feed iguanas. 

Second stop is at a sand bar, white sand rising from the sea.

Third stop is snorkeling. Not many coral reefs or fishes, but we saw two giant stingrays sleeping on the bottom, not moving.

Then we had lunch at a little private island. 

The birds tried to get our fruits. 

We fed our food waste to the sharks, six of them came. 

The staff said these are Lemon sharks.

After lunch, it's time for me to relax in the clear water.

The Bahamas - New Providence

 Everyone can fly, even with wheelchair 

Last minute we changed my birthday trip to Bahamas instead of Mt. Rushmore, since the government shut down from Oct 1st onward. 

Bahamas is one of the Caribbean countries. We landed in Nassau, New Providence island. 

First day, we walked to Montagu beach, where there were several stalls selling fresh conch. 

Second day, we took the bus ($1.25) to Downtown and walked to the local Straw Market and Junkanoo beach.

Third day, we went snorkeling ($70-$5 voucher on free map). 

Steve is loving it since he learned to swim in deep water.
The trip took us to 2 points for coral reefs and fishes for 30 mins each.

Then we went to the final point to see sharks for just 5 mins. The staff put food in a metal box and lowered it down into the water, attracting the sharks to swim around the box. We snorkeled, holding the line near the boat. I could count 5 sharks, but maybe more than that.