Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Garden of Glass and Whitaker Music Festival

Garden of Glass at the Missouri Botanical Garden, Thursday through Saturday nights from May 25 to Aug 12.
"The Garden has a long and proud history with orchids, with the first specimens given to Henry Shaw in 1876 by Mrs. Henry T. Blow. The collection grew slowly until 1923, when horticulturist George Pring returned from a collecting trip in Panama and Columbia with forty burrows - or some eight tons of orchids. Today, the Garden is home to more than 6,000 orchid plants and represents one of the largest and finest collections in the U.S." 

I was volunteering in the botanical garden for the Whitaker Music Festival.  

Wednesdays (only) from May 31 - Aug 2. Free admission, 5 - 9 p.m. Music starts at 7:30 p.m.
The Children's Garden remains open with free admission, 5 - 7 p.m.  

Don't miss those four Glass exhibits outside the Climatron.
The Garden of Glass display is in the fountain near the entrance to the Garden: 'THE MUSES'. 
"These nine dancing figures represent the nine muses of Greek mythology. The muses were the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne who were created to give inspiration, knowledge, artistry and music to humanity..."

"Make a Wish is about instilling a sense of wonder and optimism. When is the last time you stopped and thought of a dandelion as something beautiful instead of as a weed?..."

'ORANGE BLOSSOMS' in the Linnean House.
"...Orange Blossoms and a word-play on the flowers of orange trees, which are actually white."

Last Friday night, I invited a friend to see the Garden of Glass with Steve and me. 

We were there early, so the sky was still bright.  The colored lights on the glass was not that beautiful yet. I recommend going after it gets dark if you want it to be worth the ticket fee. 
When it is dark, you can see 'THE PHOENIX' eyes are blue. 
From my volunteer training manual: "The Phoenix is a mythical bird representing death and rebirth, much like the death and rebirth of plants each year..."   


"..the shape of these flowers is not their only engaging feature; their scent also inspires. They smell of warm chocolate! Do not be fooled; these flowers are not edible."

"Trees are the symbol of life for many cultures because of the habitats they create and life they support. They provide beauty, shade, clean air and water, food, medicines, and literally thousands of other products! Today, more than 10,000 species - about 17 percent of the world's total - are threatened with extinction, mostly because of habitat destruction or over harvesting. Garden experts work around the world to address threats to forest ecosystems. You can help! Care for mature trees. Be tree-wise. Recycle. Shop smart. Speak up for our trees."

"The artist captures some of the culture and flavor of St. Louis' music, sport, and the iconic Gateway Arch. St Louis and the Garden are not only connected by locations, but also by the history and culture they share..."

"Epiphytic tank bromeliads grow non-parasitically on other plants. They accumulate considerable amounts of water in the 'tanks' formed by their overlapping leaf bases..."

"... The blooms open between sunset and midnight and are closed by dawn."


This is real Heliconia.
"...the Climatron stands seven stories tall and encloses one-half acre of tropical rain-forest plants, such as the Heliconia..."

There are still more photos I didn't post, so as not to spoil your visit.
Before exiting the exhibit, there are several short videos about the artist and how he made the pieces.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Airshow at Scott Field

我隔了9年没去看空軍展了,我告訴朋友,她和兒子在 IL 住了三年,不知有這活動,就載他們一起去。
We last went to the airshow at Scott AFB in 2008, I thought to go again, so I invited my friend to go with us.
On the way to the airshow, we saw a gold BMW.

During the opening, while we were still waiting in line to get in, the Army's Black Daggers came down with the US flag.

Near the entrance, a B-1 bomber was on display, and had a long line of people waiting to walk through.

This is a renovated B-25 from WWII.  They were selling tickets to take rides in the plane in July.  

One of the largest cargo planes in the world, a C-5.

This was the performance most people came to see - the Air Force Thunderbirds!


We heard the crowd was about 80 thousand on Saturday.  More were expected on Sunday.

On the drive home, we passed the iconic Brook's Catsup bottle in Collinsville.

朋友說這間 Bobby's Frozen Custard 好吃,回他們家會經過,我們當然不會錯失。
On the way back, our friend recommended stopping at Bobby's Frozen Custard in Maryville, IL for a treat, similar to Ted Drewes and Fritz's in St. Louis.

Chicago 法鼓山



然後傍晚到中國城用餐。9 年前跟他們來過,那時有一間 Penang 餐館,如今已沒了,看來生意無法生存。





Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Double four-leaf clover

呵呵呵…供養大家,見者有份 - 你很幸運(若你看到我的貼)!
I pulled some weeds around my little fruit tree, I saw one of them was a four-leaf clover. I wasn't sure whether it is clover or not, so I looked at others nearby. They are clover, but most of them have only three-leaves, but then I found another with four. Oh.. that means I have double luck!
Hohoho.. share the luck with you. You are lucky if you read and like my post!

"According to tradition, such clovers bring good luck: In addition, each leaf is believed to represent something: the first is for FAITH, the second is for HOPE, the third is for LOVE, and the fourth if for LUCK."
  1. 第一片葉子代表希望(hope)、第二片葉子表示信心(faith)、第三片葉子是愛情(love)、而多出來的第四片葉子則是幸運(luck)的象徵。這種說法與基督教的望德、信德和愛德思想相配。
  2. 第一片葉子代表真愛(love)、第二片葉子代表健康(health)、第三片葉子代表名譽(glory)、第四片葉子代表財富(riches)。"