Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vesak Day

Commemorating the Birth, Enlightenment and Death of the Buddha, this Vesak Day celebration is sponsored by the Buddhist Council of Greater St Louis.

This year it was celebrated at the Mid-America Buddhist Association Monastery in Augusta, Missouri.

Busy in the kitchen.

The peonies were in full bloom.

Family activities for the kids, while the adults were meditating and listening to Dharma talks.

BLIA having small items for sale - fundraising for the temple.

More flowers in bloom, type unknown.

The Theravada monks must eat their final meal before noon each day, so came down early.

The vegetarian buffet.

After lunch, walking meditation to the Guan Yin Pavilion.  

The lotus and water lilies are just starting to come up. 

This dragonfly joined us walking meditation for few steps.  

After walking meditation, back to the meditation hall for another Dharma talk. 

Monks from several temples around St. Louis, representing various Buddhist traditions, attended the celebration.  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Parish Festival

 We walked around the neighborhood and we saw the church setting up for a 2 day Parish Festival.

It is one of the fundraising events for the church normally.

Steve couldn't miss having a funnel cake.

Heart Flip attracted me surely.

We are the eldest kids for the ride.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Wife's day

為什麼沒有妻子/夫人節的?Why don't have Wife's day?
真不公平!That's not fair!

不要對我説有情人節,不就是嗎?Don't tell me that's Valentine. 

不不不,我不僅要過情人節,而且還要夫人節。No no no. I want to have Valentine's, and Wife's day too.

最好是天天夫人節,不用做家務。I wish everyday day is Wife day, and no housework.

Friday, May 8, 2015






Wednesday, May 6, 2015


今早我就看到了這幕,一隻鳥在喙著一條大約4寸長的肥蟲。因為蟲很大條,那隻鳥喙幾次都喙不起那條蟲。我心裡想:“到底要不要嚇走鳥呢?一物吃一物好像是自然的現象,我趕鳥走的話,鳥會怨恨我嗎?” 是你的話,你會怎麼辦呢?


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The first time saw squirrels around our yard, I thought they were cute. Steve kept telling me they are evil, but I didn't care until I had a garden. I planted seeds like sunflower, watermelon, honeydew, butter squash, beans.. the next day, I could see holes where they had been digging, and the seeds were all gone. Even though some survived and had sprouts about 2'', they were broken. The squirrels destroyed them.

Does anyone know how to keep squirrels out of the garden (without hurting them)?  They seem to like the cayenne pepper we put on the plants.

Monday, May 4, 2015


我們之前常做肉乾及肉鬆,Steve 越來越喜歡吃,但要花很多時間做,我也克制自己少吃肉,所以很久沒有做了。

上星期,Steve 公司的新加坡客戶來受訓,他們帶了 kaya 和肉乾來美國給他的同事們當見面禮。新加坡的美食當然也是馬來西亞的美食。
Steve 走過他同事辦事處時看到肉乾,樂得他,即拿了三片,然後message我說:Someone bought in bakwa from the Singapore customers, I saved a couple of pieces to bring home.    


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Colorful irises

Iris: its name comes from the Greek word for a rainbow.
The plant has a wide variety of colors.
They have 6 petals; 3 petals stand up, the other 3 petals lay back.

Which group of colors do you like?





A lot of Irises in the botanical garden haven't bloomed, so I didn't get all of the colors yet. 

This is the Iris garden, which is just a small area in the botanical garden, but contains many varietals.  In the background, you can see someone sitting on a bench, drawing the irises.  
There were several people throughout the garden with drawing pads and pastels; it looked like an art class was visiting today.