Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Flora Borealis

Flora Borealis at botanical garden.

Monday, July 9, 2018

US - New Mexico part II

A tall cactus called Blue Agave can be used to make tequila. Landscaping at Best Western hotel in Las Cruces.

One hour drive to White Sands National Monument.
Sendero Playa trail.

I bought a sled... I was excited to try sledding for my first time.

Interdune Boardwalk trail.

Why is the sand white?
It is gypsum.

Then we drove to Carlsbad Cavern National Park.
The elevator took us down 750 feet to the cave.

 Lion Tail

Rock of Ages

"Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!"
Steve has heard about Roswell and the UFO crash in 1947 since he was a kid. So we came to see the town. 

The theme of Main Street is aliens, even the lamp posts are decorated.

We went into the UFO Museum. 

Steve is still not sure it was worth the $5 admission.

We also went to the Art Museum with a wonderful exhibit of Dr. Goddard's lab where he developed early rockets. 

Steve was more interested in this than the UFO Museum but most people are more interested in UFO.

The aliens haven't come to pick up Steve yet, but he is hopeful they'll make it before he has to go back to work.

After we checked in a hotel in Santa Rosa this afternoon, we went to the Blue Hole. I wanted to swim in the Blue Hole. 

First I went in using the steps. Second, I jumped in from the lower platform. 

Second, I jumped in from the lower platform. 

 Then I jumped in from the highest level. 

That was fun, but Steve didn't want to try.

我再走回那高處時,我聽到一群人一直在鼓勵:Christine, go for it! You can do it! Don't think, just jump! I will jump with you! 
原來是紅衣少女,我看她的表情顯得很害怕… 即便她有同伴牽着手要陪她跳,以及身旁有很多人給予鼓勵了約20分鐘..

我覺得有些不忍心她受恐惧,所以我跟他們及她說:Don't force her. Don't do it if you don't want. 


我也為她高興拍手,可又有些自責我非鼓勵的話,但想想也許就是因為我的那般話'Don't force'激她做到了。



We had a meal in Santa Fe Grill, recommended by hotel staff.

Then explored this little town a bit.

An Auto Museum on the Historic Route 66.

The last day of the trip, we went to Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque.

What is petroglyph?
"Petroglyphs are images created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading, as a form of rock art. "

Then we drove to Old Town.

Albuquerque Museum.

Steve needed to have blended ice coffee in Steve's

Bye-bye, New Mexico. 
July 5, 2018

Steve's got 3 souvenirs from the trip, I have nothing, that's not fair.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

US - New Mexico part I

The day before our flight to Albuquerque, NM. I ate new packs of chili sauce (sambal) and red cherries. About 1am, I had itch rash so badly I couldn't sleep. I was the first one at Urgent Care when they open at 8am. Luckily our flight (6/28/2018) was in the afternoon. 
Things happen for a reason.

This morning we went to Chaco Canyon / Chaco Culture National Historical Park, it's a World Heritage Site. 
Pueblo Bonito

We met the ranger guided tour when we were on the trail.

Chetro Ketl

Then we drove to Bandelier National Monument.

Same way down..

We stayed in Los Alamos and Steve insisted on going to Bradbury Science Museum.

 Then we went to Pecos National Historical Park.

Then we drove to Tent Rocks National Monument, it is an amazing place to hike.

Very beautiful rock formations and slot canyon.

We hiked to the peak. 

When we arrived at the top at 3:30pm. Rangers were telling people to head back down, so we were the last two people to make it to the summit.

On the way, we stopped at Sandia Peak Tramway just had a look.

We stayed in Socorro, we went to National Radio Astronomy Observatory - Very Large Array (VLA)
".. With its radio eyes, the VLA captured a stunning view of material spiraling around the supermassive black hole anchored in the heart of our galaxy."

Steve was excited to see the VLA, he enjoyed the walking tour so much that he bought a souvenir shirt. 
The building with the supercomputer was closed to public because of remodeling, he was disappointed.

After VLA, we drove about 5 hours to the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.
We arrived there just before 4 pm when they stop people from entering the trail.

The ranger talked about the dwellings and people there thousands years ago..

We stopped to see the pictographs at Lower Scorpion trail, as the ranger told us.