Sunday, December 21, 2014





Sunday, November 30, 2014

US - Kansas City

We had a great Thanksgiving with family in Kansas City.

The next day (Friday), we went sightseeing in Independence & Kansas City, MO.

This is the beautiful architecture of the Community of Christ temple in Independence, at the corner of Peace Drive & Temple Drive.

The Queen Anne-style house where President Harry Truman lived with his wife, Bess.  Unfortunately, pictures aren't allowed inside.

After touring a little in Independence, we moved on to the Nelson-Atkins Museum in downtown Kansas City, MO.  The museum is filled with beautiful art from all over the world, dating from ancient Egypt & Assyria through contemporary works.

An Assyrian carving.


The museum houses a lot of Buddhist art, including this famous statue of the Bodhisattva Guanyin (Avalokitesvara).

Sunset at the museum.

The Plaza, in downtown Kansas City, is lit every year for the holidays, starting on Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I went out this morning with trash bags, thinking to help clean up a little bit in Ferguson (while Steve was at work, or he would have tried to stop me), just about 2 miles from home (in Florissant), as many people were out there last night. And the second thought was to see what was going on.

These are pictures I took the morning after the grand jury's decision was announced.
Walmart and Sams are not open, and security was patrolling the area.

A beauty store was burned down at the corner of the W. Florissant Ave and Chambers Rd.


Walgreens was looted at the other corner of W. Florissant Ave and Chambers Rd.

The street was blocked south of W Florissant Ave, where I saw there was still a lot of smoke.

I joined this guy picking up trash...
After that I drove to the north of W. Florissant Ave.

Here, several cars at an auto car dealer were burnt.

The Conoco gas station next to that auto car dealer was burnt, too.

Around the Conoco gas station, there were many cut up plastic cups spread all over.
Someone joined me when I was picking up the trash...

I don't want to say any comment or thoughts. I just want to raise awareness, do what I can do and do no harm.

From Yahoo news:
"The grand jury's decision means that Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, will not face any state criminal charges for killing Brown, whose death inflamed deep racial tensions between many black Americans and police."

Monday, November 24, 2014

Naked picture (part 2)

一問 猜猜拳如何?
一答 好呀!
協議 每輸一次脫一件身上物
剪刀 石頭 
剪刀 石頭 
剪刀 石頭 
剪刀 石頭 

Wind and Tree meet and are happy
Both have nothing to do after chatting
One asks: How about playing a game?
One reply: Sure!
Agreement: The loser takes one thing off each time
Rock Paper Scissors
Tree loses at first
Tree loses again
Tree loses again and again
Tree has almost lost
Wind looks at Tree with nothing left
Enjoying and laughing loud
And sneaking to take the naked Tree’s picture 
Upload it on the web 


Last time, Tree and Wind were played the game 'rock-paper-scissors', in the end, Tree loses and was completely naked.
Tree is really stupid.
Do you know why Tree is being stupid?
Tree really didn't learn the lesson!
This time, it was seduced by a social media friend, to have a fun naked chat on the webcam...
You see, naked picture was recorded and exposed on the web.
Tree is so so stupid.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Racial tension



In Ferguson, a little town, there is a recent case of a white policeman fatally shooting a young black man in August. And then it became international news.
Looters took advantage of the situation, breaking into some stores, since the police were busy with the protests.
This mobile store and some other stores in and around Ferguson are boarding up as they are afraid of possibly more rioting.
Some said if the case was a black police officer, or a white youth, the same race, it wouldn't be an issue..

Ah.. it is 21st century.  Do people still remain focused on skin color?
No matter what color, every race has their 'good' and 'bad' people!
I think we should be aware of our own self, being conscientiously aware.


又能演人 雪人
又能演花 雪花

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chinese poem in Oslo, Norway

又一個夏季 光陰又一載



我寫完以上感想後,上網找它的來源,據資料,這是挪威著名劇作家Henrik Isben的一段歌劇詞。

I was distracted by a poem on the walkway at Oslo airport. 

I found the original is part of Solveig's Song from the play Peer Gynt, by Henrik Ibsen (1828 -- 1906), a famous Norwegian playwright, theater director and poet.
English translation in verse form by Adam Taylor:
"The winter may go, and the spring disappear,
Next summer too, may fade, and the whole long year,
But you will be returning, in true, I know,
And I will wait for you as I promised long ago."

Seemed that's sadness.

In life's journey, you may feel touched if you know someone has promised to wait for you, because that means someone cares about you. On the other hand, it's sad because that means now you are separated and how long the time until you meet again?

For me, I don't want to have or make the promise of waiting. I rather we are together in our life journey, because every step is going to fulfill myself.

Another Chinese translation in verse form by Y. Qiao 翻譯成中文:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Norway - Bergen

This is the metal cover drain on the street in Bergen. It seems to be of a landmarks in the city.
We saw different designs in two other cities in Norway. 

We bought a 48 hour card, NOK260 per person (24 hour card NOK200), at the information center. 
With the card, you travel free on Light Rail and buses in the city and the Region. It also grants free or discounted admission to museums, attractions, cultural events, sightseeing tours, restaurants and parking.

Bryggen - Bergen is a designated UNESCO World Heritage City.

The Fish Market. Will the fish really say "Fish me?"

Floibanen Funicular (NOK85, but free with the card from Oct 1-Apr 30). I like their funicular,with glass, even on the top windows.

It took us to Mount Floyen. A sign: DON'T INSULT THE WITCH.
Do you?

There was a lake along one of the trails, where we saw parents/teachers and kids doing various activities.

It seemed a good place for the student camp.

Another sign warning about the local witches.

 Haakon's Hall (NOK60 but free with the card) - 13th century Royal Ceremonial Hall.

An original Enigma decoder from WWII in the Bergenhus Fortress Museum.

Bryggens Museum/Meeting Point Bryggen (NOK70 but free with the card) - archaeological museum.

Korskirken - 17th century church.
Steve 聽懂這些簡單的華語,他奇怪我怎麼會說是中國人。

The Theater - from 1909.

Nordnes - a park near Bergen Aquarium.

Nykirken - early 18th century church.

The next morning, we went on a 3 hour Fjord cruise to Mostraumen (NOK400 discounted with the card), it was the only cruise they have during the off-season months.
That day was raining, so the tour was not so impressive compared to the other fjords we saw on cruises a few days before.

After back from the cruise, we walked around some others place in the city.
Johanneskirken - St. John's Church.

Maritime Museum.

VilVite - Bergen Science Center (NOK160 but free with the card from Aug 18-Jun 22).
Our mixture image, is it funny?

We booked a travel package tour NOK1550 per person from Bergen to Oslo at the information center.
The journey starts with a train at Bergen railway to Voss, the world's most beautiful train ride. We got advised to sit on the left side.

Then take a bus to Gudvangen. We had about 40 mins wandering around this small village.

Then take a boat to Flam.

Along the cruise, we can see Naeroyfjord. "It is the narrowest and best known of the many arms of the Sognefjord. With its steep mountainsides, hanging valleys, towering peaks, snowfield, waterfalls and small hamlets, this fjord is perhaps the most outstanding natural attraction in Norway. The Naeroyfjord is 20 km long, only 250 meters across at it narrowest and a mere 12 at its shallowest. The surrounding mountains reach heights of 1,660 meters. UNESCO has included in its famous World Heritage List."

The cruise turned to Aurlandsfjord, after a 2 hour boat journey, we arrived at Flam. We went in the tourism center, and we noticed a traveler storing his luggage in a room at the ticket counter. So we did the same because we had 3 hours to wander around this village.

Flamsbana Museum.

We had a short walk to Kleivastien 690 m trail.

We found this on the trail, I translate it from Chinese to English: Discover your footsteps all over the world!

Then take a scenic train to Myrdal - not this train, this train became a cafe.

Here is the train.
It stops at Kjosfossen, allowing tourist to look at the waterfall.

I waved at Steve to come to see it as he likes waterfalls, he didn't. I think he wanted to guard our luggage, he always worried to leave bags in an open area.

About 1 hour after arriving at Myrdal, we changed to a NSB train departing at 5.57pm.
I saw several ladies like to knit when they are traveling on a long journey.

The train journey is 6 hours to Oslo. There snow cover at about 2000 m. height.
We couldn't see most of the views along the route because it was getting dark.

At the end of our trip, this poem was on the walkway in Oslo airport. I translate:
Perhaps winter already end and spring is decayed there
Another summer again. The time got one year round again.
I just strongly believe you will come back one day eventually
Keep my promise, will wait for you.