Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kuih Ketayap


我做了娘惹糕之一的Kuih Ketayap/Kuih Dadar,給倆位朋友品嚐。

一位說: 這是什麼?她是台灣人沒吃過。

一位說: 很香,皮有些薄,味道很像。他是馬來西亞人,果然識貨,評估得很确實。

Normally I am in the mood to make the desserts/snacks, when I can share them with people. If not, I can’t finish them by myself and so don’t have the desire to make them.

I made Kuih Ketayap/Kuih Dadar, a Nyonya dish. I took them to meet two friends. One said: What is this? She is Taiwanese and never had this before. Another one said: Smell the fragrance, the wrapper is a bit thin, the taste is right. He is Malaysian, of course he knew and his comment is true.

The recipe食鐠

Friday, June 3, 2011

Smelly smoke

“A cigarette after a meal, happy like an angel.” This is the Chinese phrase from a smoker.

I say, “A cigarette in the toilet, the secondhand smoke is smelly.” Back when I used to live with my family, my brother was a smoker. If I needed to go in the toilet after him, it wasn’t easy. I needed to hold my breath, but unfortunately I could never hold it for the whole process.

When I went back this trip, I didn’t see him smoke. I asked my sister-in-law, and she said he listened to the doctor and quit. I am glad and happy for him, his wife and kids, and others around him.

He was a smoker for about 40 years. I think it must be hard for him to get rid of the cigarettes. He did it.

I want to thank him, and wish him good health.

飯後一根煙,快樂似神仙。 這是一般好煙者的口號。

我說,廁所里一根煙,臭味是二手煙。 這是以前我住在舊家哥哥好煙的情境,經他進廁所後,如果我急要進去,那會很難受,每次撇着呼吸,但功夫不夠,總撑不住整個過程。