Monday, June 9, 2008

Change Your Mind - Meditation

Mississippi 河上靜坐是另一般的體驗!St. Louis有一項活動 – Change Your Mind Day,選擇在一座經已不讓車輛通行的 Old Chain of Rocks Pedestrian Bridge上舉行。我們覺得是新鮮的事,所以前來參加,但看到這座橋頭卻被銷上鐵門了無法在河上的橋靜坐,而只好改在草場上。這活動由泰國佛教法師主講,他引導大家靜坐,經行和立禪。


Meditation over the Mississippi River is something to be experienced! Change Your Mind Day – a national event – was taking place at the Old Chain of Rocks Pedestrian Bridge in St. Louis. We thought it should be a cool event so we went there, but the bridge was locked…. The participants couldn’t meditate on the bridge over the river, so we did it at field next to the bridge instead. The guest speaker was the Abbot of the local Thai Buddhist Temple; he led sitting, walking and standing meditation.

The photo on the banner is the same event held in the past.

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