Monday, June 2, 2008

Flowers and leaves

又是其它種類花卉的盛放,雖然我們家的一顆黃玫瑰開得很大朵,但顯得很單調,看了botanical 花園的玫瑰風騷,就會讓人眼花繚亂!還有可愛的花上花,葉上花,葉上葉。是葉是花?心形葉配紫色花。

Now, there are different types of flowers blooming. Our yard has a rose bush; the yellow roses are big but just have a single color. The roses at the Botanical Garden have many colors that will dazzle the eyes! They have…cute little flowers on top of flowers, flowers on top of leaves, and leaves on top of leaves. Are they leaves or flowers? This picture has heart shaped leaves and purple flowers.

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