Sunday, June 22, 2008


FA寫了一篇文章 母親,其中一段﹕感恩自己有幸在梦中与妈妈重新修补以往恶劣的关系,治疗内心那曾经失落的创伤。





A friend, FA wrote a Chinese article, titled “Mother”. One of the sentences (I translated it into English): “I appreciate that I was lucky enough to have a dream in which I met my mother. We repaired our previous bad relationship during the dream, and it healed the sense of loss that I felt.”

I would like to share mine also:

Before I met Steve, I always wondered why I still hadn’t met a true love. I attended several self-development workshops and group therapy. I explored and though I do not remember which workshop it was, I became aware of my inner doubts about my parents, because they didn’t have a good relationship with each other. They were in a cold war for many years before they died. I knew my parents loved us but never expressed it, so I never thought I had a very harmonious family (my belief). So, when I was in a group therapy workshop; I had an inner connection with my late parents and I forgive each of them. And in a hypnosis session of a workshop, I met my late parents, and they came together, smiling, and talked to me…

I think that process released my inner doubts and I felt loved!

During our growing, we are not aware but we absorb a lot of the issues and experiences surrounding us. We turn all of these into our beliefs! However, some people might wonder why we need to explore those issues, already deep inside for many years. In fact, beliefs always influence our behaviors and emotions ! Don’t you think healing is important for life?


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我們上過 Satir model family therapy 及心理輔導課程的,都會明白這些概念...