Friday, June 6, 2008

Fuel prices


我住在這St. Louis城縣,我曾想買鐵馬,但這兒大多是如高速公路,Steve告訴我,騎腳車是很危險的!其實這附近也没有非常方便的公共交通,聽说有人乘巴士去某地,约十多哩,從等車及轉車,用了三小時才抵達目的。



Malaysia’s government increased the price of petrol/gas from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per liter effective from 5th June. I’m sure people will be complaining… And what would I do if I was still living in Penang? Maybe I would buy a bicycle! Unless it is necessary to drive a car, I would rather ride bicycle instead, to save petrol, protect the environment, and also get some exercise. However, I hope Penang has safe roads or people in other vehicles would show more concern for the safety of bicycle riders…
I am living here in St. Louis, and thought to have a bicycle, but most roads are like highways. Steve said it is dangerous to ride bicycle! In fact, the public transportation is not so convenient in our area. We heard someone went by bus to a place around 10 miles from his home and it took him three hours from the time he started, waiting and transferring buses until he arrived at the place.
Rising fuel prices are affecting the whole world. I think those who are in charge should be concerned about people and the environment, and provide more convenient public transportation, facilities, and etc.When the technology comes to a peak, will it go back to the original style of living? If you think it is possible, then think about maybe investing in a bicycle business and you might earn money!

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