Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bird mom's spirit

這回,Steve 望向窗外的前園,看到一隻鳥飛來我們的大門前,他想鳥可能要來築巢?
This time, Steve looked at the front yard through window, and he saw a bird flying towards our front door. He wondered if the bird might be trying to build a nest?

他走出去特意要嚇那鳥,鳥看到有‘寵然大物’靠近,當然即刻飛離。他發現已有一些小枝築建在燈後,他把小枝拿掉。他走回屋里,告訴正在看電視的我,他看到的情况。我回應:為什麽這些動物喜歡來我們家築窩?(也許我們家有慈善能量?) 這鳥應是要生蛋,即將有小鳥,就讓它在那兒吧。
He walked out to scare the bird away.  The bird saw a 'big creature' approaching, so flew away immediately. He found some sticks built up behind the lamp, which he took away. He came back in to the house, told me what he had seen while I was watching TV. I asked, why do the animals like to build their nest at our house? (Maybe our house has the kindness/metta energy?) The bird must be getting ready to deliver eggs and have babies soon, just let it be there.
He said, the lamp is electric and it is dangerous.

The bird came with two little sticks again. He took them away again. They both are stubborn.

This afternoon, I went out to have a look. It was built again.
How wonderful the bird mom, she didn't give up. I am sure she is brave even if she got scared by a 'big creature'.

This is the nature of spirit.

I insist he let the bird stay. Now, I am stubborn too. Two females to one male, he lost.


Anonymous said...

Charging rent?


Anonymous said...



eHeart said...

can you help to prepare a rental contract?

Anonymous said...

Steve got a nickname - "big creature"?


eHeart said...

He is bigger than bird and rabbit.

Anonymous said...

that is funny! lol


eHeart said...

I think so, the birds are funny. Not only one bird is flying towards, two or three. Not sure they are fight to get the place or helping to build it. It has the base of nest