Monday, March 31, 2014

Mother rabbit's love

前天傍晚,Steve 望向窗外的后園,看到一隻兔子在我的小菜園内,他好奇兔子何以能進去?
Last evening, Steve looked at the backyard through window, and he saw a rabbit was in my little garden. He wondered how it got in?

He walked to see closer, the rabbit saw a 'big creature' approaching, so ran away immediately.
He found the net has a big hole, and two baby bunnies were in the garden. He left them alone and came back in the house. He told me what he had seen while I was washing dishes. I asked, would they survive with this cold night and their mom left?

However, I had forgotten by the time I finished.

The next morning, I remembered the babies and went out to have a look. They got moved.
How beautiful the rabbit mom, she didn't abandon them. I am sure their mom moved them to a safer place since she got scared by a 'big creature'.

This is the nature of love.

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