Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thankful for being on the giving end


Steve 的姐Sue读了我的blog即给我回应,我想也正符合我要鼓励人捐血,我就借用她的分享(翻译自英文)﹕

我刚读你写关於捐血,很喜爱它!我有捐 platelets(血子板/凝血细胞)即是血的其中成份。我喜欢可以每两星期捐血细胞。血细胞可用於那些癌症者的血(尤其是他们的血细胞)已被化疗毁灭。它要用一、两个小时的過程从身体抽出血,血經過分离机留下血细胞和一点血浆,然后将红血球输送回捐者。当我捐血细胞完走出医院室,并不会感到疲乏或软弱。我从不知道我的血会输给谁,只希望捐献能帮助某人。我曾在血库工作過,见過那是多么需求血。我很高兴你有捐血。我有登记捐骨髓,但在一次被传招时我身怀Alec,所以不能。对於血和骨髓的事例,我常感谢我是施舍者好過是接受者。我有很多要感激的。感谢鼓励人捐血!

After I wrote about donating blood, I wanted to continue writing about how some Chinese believe or have excuses, like you need to eat a lot of nourishing foods/supplements to gain back the blood; the whole body is a gift from the parents and it is not showing filial piety to destroy any part of it; it is bad luck if you go in a hospital; they are afraid of needles; and etc…

Steve’s sister, Sue, responded to me after she read my blog. I think it matches my thoughts, encouraging people to donate blood, so I will share her writing:

“I just read your blog about donating blood. LOVED IT! I have donated platelets, which are a component of blood. I like that I'm able to donate platelets every two weeks. They use platelets to help cancer patients whose blood (specifically their platelets) have been destroyed by chemotherapy. It's 1-2 hour process whereby they take the blood out of the body, run it through a centrifuge, keep the platelets and a little plasma, and return the red blood cells to the donor. When I donate platelets, I don't get as tired and feel as worn down afterward. I have never known who my blood goes to, but I just hope the donations I give help someone. I used to work at a blood bank, and I saw how much there was a need for blood. I'm glad you've donated. I'm on the registry for bone marrow, but the only time I've ever been called I was pregnant with Alec, and couldn't give. In the case of blood and bone marrow, I always give thanks that I'm able to be on the giving end, rather than the receiving end. I have much to be thankful for. Thanks for encouraging people to donate blood!”

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