Thursday, September 25, 2008

Donate blood

以前我妈也曾住院需要输血,我在她床边一晚,早上醒来,我就去捐血的部门,我捐血完毕回到母亲病房时,突然眼前看到的都是‘星星’ ,我坐下来后昏旋感才慢慢消失,可能是没吃任何东西就去捐血的原故吧… 我曾捐血過,都没任何异状啊!后来,有一朋友的亲人需要输血,我到病者住的医院欲捐血,该部门人员检查我的血液后说,我的血压及铁质低,不能要我的血反而给我一点免费补药!
“找人捐血應提供給欲捐血者的幾 點資料:
1. 病者的姓名。
2. 病者的身份證號碼、年齡﹙避免同名同姓者的混亂﹚。
3. 病者患的什麼病﹙大概的講即可,有時捐血部門的醫務人員會問到捐者無法回答﹚
4. 病者最親近家屬的聯絡姓名、電話﹙捐者可以先向其家屬了解了才去醫院捐血,避免去到醫院找不到人,或病者已不需要血的情況發生,因為現代人都很忙,好不容易抽到時間跑去醫院又被拒、或落空而白跑一趟的﹚。”
If a patient needs a blood transfusion, normally hospitals in Malaysia will ask the patient’s family to replace blood in their blood bank. If all of the blood is replaced, the patient is not charged for the blood used during the transfusion. So, sometimes I would receive emails from the hospitals looking for blood donors for a patient.
My late mom had been in the hospital and needed a blood transfusion also; I was there with her the whole night. The next morning I went to donate blood, after that I returned to my mom’s room. Suddenly, I saw nothing but ‘stars’. I sat down a little while, and the dazzle slowly faded. Maybe it was because I didn’t have breakfast before I donated blood… I have donated blood a few times and nothing happened before! After that, a friend’s relative needed a blood transfusion and I went to the hospital to donate blood. The staff tested my blood and said my blood pressure and iron were low, so they couldn’t take my blood, but gave me some free supplements instead!
In fact, what I want to share is my friend, CC, sent her comment (I translated to English) which is a good suggestion…
“Those looking for blood donors should provide the following information:
1. Patient’s name.
2. Patient’s ID no. and age (to avoid confuse if they have the same name).
3. Patient’s case (a little bit of info because sometimes the staff asks the donor and he/she has no idea at all).
4. The name and phone no. of a close family member of the patient (the donor should call the patient’s family to discuss the situation before going to the hospital for blood donation, because the patient might not need any more, the patient has been discharged, etc. Nowadays, people are busy, and arranging a little time to go to the hospital can be difficult, and many hate wasting time if they are rejected or go for nothing).”

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