Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Immigrants squatting on the Earth






我最近阅马来西亞新闻,有位马来族政治人物发表 华人只是寄居在马来西亚,因此不可能做到各族平等的言论,惹得马来西亞华族们的抗议!


New York is a big city so you can see many races around…. My two Chinese-Malaysian friends, Y and AB, have stayed in New York almost 10 years, and they have their individual thoughts.

Y said, “It is not easy to find a true friend here; perhaps people have different cultures...”

AB said, “I don’t like America. If I had enough money I would move back to Malaysia or China (her husband is from China) or somewhere else, but not here. You think there aren’t racism problems here, but there really are...”

Steve said, “I like all the things to do in New York. I talked with some of the people who work in tourist places; most seemed pretty friendly.” Steve is white, so I think they were friendlier to him?

I asked myself, what do I think about New York? I think I would say, “I neither like nor dislike it. I was a passing traveler!”

Recently, I read an article in the Malaysia news about Chinese-based political parties lodging police complaints. A Malay politician – a relatively unknown division chief - ‘burst into the limelight last week for allegedly describing the (ethnic) Chinese here as immigrants squatting in Malaysia and as such, said they should not expect to be treated equally!’

Ah racism… why? Why not coexist in harmony? We all are just immigrants squatting on the Earth!

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Anonymous said...

"We all are just immigrants squatting on the Earth! "

It is true, I like it.

Shu Qing