Monday, September 29, 2008

Public security






我小时候与朋友们玩耍,有一个遊戏叫‘mata lia chat’(兵捉贼)…. 如今我不再看到有小孩玩这遊戏了!

There was a conversation in a Hong Kong movie; a policeman was mean to a prisoner, that prisoner became angry and said, “Why are you so mean? If you didn’t have us criminals, you wouldn’t have this work.”

Another movie also made a crack about police waiting for robbers to leave before they dare appear!

The public security in Malaysia is getting worse and worse. There are serious threats to peoples’ life and money, but the government is not solving it seriously. Last week, there were three cases involving politicians’ wives and daughter; one got robbed & killed and two got robbed…. These were ‘big’ cases, so of course, they are high profile. So, people voiced up about stopping the rising crime!

Sure police should have their work to do, but we don’t know if they are doing more or not! And maybe, ‘police no enough’!

While in the school, the teachers wanted us to write ‘What I want to be…’. ‘Police’ was one of the things I wanted to be. Of course, I didn’t become one! Nowadays, I am not sure how many students would write that they want to be police. Even if some want to be police, maybe their parents would want them to change to another one…

When I was a kid, I played with friends; there was a game called ‘cops and robbers’…. I don’t see this game played by the kids nowadays!

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