Sunday, December 20, 2015

Surprise points

It is free to sign up for a store's reward point system.  When you spent $10, you gain 100 points. 100 points = $0.10, and you can redeem whenever you purchase something in the store. I have been a member for a few years. However, I didn't like to go to this store because their checkout is always very slow.
 Last year, I got email notices that I got rewarded $5 in points a few times. Those reward points had to be redeemed within 2 days, otherwise the points disappeared. So, I tried to stay aware of their emails and go to get stuff to redeem the points.

This year, I couldn't believe they gave so much, called "surprise points". In mid-November, I was in Malaysia and missed an email, $20 points had expired when I read it. On the third week of November, they gave $12 points for apparel, I redeemed it as the above receipt shown.    

 The first week of December, they gave $10 points for women's clothing. I redeemed it and got something that cost $12.  I only had to pay $0.82.

On the second week of December, they gave $20 points. I redeemed it and got two pairs of shoes on BOGO, normally selling for $20 each, for a total of $1.06.

On the third week, they gave $7 points for men's sweaters. 
This case was funny. I purchased a sweater for $9.83, and the register staff found I had $7 points but he couldn't get the system to redeem it, so he wrote a $7 store credit for me to sign. After he keyed it in the machine, the receipt showed cash paid $7, two times (I think that was his mistake), and I had change due of $4.17. He saw it was not right, because I didn't pay any money yet, so he wanted me to talk to customer service.
The staff said she would do a refund, then repurchase, so she gave me $9.83. I explained to her: I didn't pay anything yet." She said: "I know, but I need to do the return first, then I will bill you to correct it."

 Then she billed me with the deducted $7 in points, so I paid $2.83, which was correct.

However, I still tried to say, "What about this money ($9.83)?"  She said "That's your money."   We both tried to argue with her, and she seemed to understand the problem, but she insisted it was our money because of the return.

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