Thursday, December 10, 2015

Myanmar - Mandalay

The flight is 30 mins from Heho to Mandalay.

Then we had an excursion. 
It was fun walking across the tiny planks between three other boats to get to our boat.

It was a hour ride on the Ayeyarwady River to Mingun.

So we had our box lunch on the boat.

Why did Steve have to tell me there's a heart painting on it?

Here we arrive at Mingun, on the west bank of the river.

"The tourists are coming..."  Kids rush out when the boats arrive to be first to sell trinkets to the arriving tourists.

We walked through the vendors, what is the darkest thing on the plate?
That's not a fruit. They are bugs. 

Myatheintan Pagoda.

Took a picture before climbing up the pagoda.

It was build in 1816.

Mingun Bell, the second largest bell in the world.
The question: Where is the largest?

Kids fight even if he is a monk. I saw this little monk made her mad.

Mingun Pagoda, a huge, unfinished pagoda.
It was build in the 18th century, and would have become the world's largest pagoda if it is completed.

Steve went up to the top and had this beautiful view, while I sat comfortably in the shade at the bottom, drinking coconut juice.

The front gate of Mingun Pagoda had two giant guardian lions, but only their butts are left.

Back through the hawker stalls to the boat.

Another 1 hour ride back to Mandalay.

We came to the U Bein Bridge, it was build around 1850. 
At 1.2 km, it is the longest and oldest teak-wood bridge in the world.

Some of us walked to the other end of bridge and back, so it is 2.4 km walked.

Then we took little row boats on Taungthaman Lake.

Seeing the sunset.

Seeing the sunset from the bridge is beautiful.

It is even more beautiful seeing the sunset with the people on the bridge.  We are tourists taking pictures of tourists taking pictures of the sunset.

Crossing under the bride.

The view of the other side.

Crossing back again.

The sun is gone, but still a little light.

Everyone heading back before it gets too dark.

We stayed in Yadanarbon Dynasty hotel.
At 5:30 am we checked out and headed to the airport with our breakfast boxes. 

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