Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race

We went to the Balloon Race at Forest Park yesterday. This is one of 250 giant cakes around town, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the city of St. Louis.

The first balloon (sponsored by FOX2, a local TV station) to take off is the "hare 兔子".  The other balloons in the race, the "hounds 獵狗", chase the hare.

After the balloon is unpacked, it is first partially inflated with cool air using large fans.

After the balloon is partially filled with cool air, they fire the propane burners to heat the air in the balloon to make it rise.



...and away!  

(An obscure reference to the 1967 song "Up, up, and away (in my beautiful balloon)", sung by The 5th Dimension)

The hounds start chasing the hare!

The race got started late this year, so some balloons inflated to show their sponsor's advertising, but did not take off.

 Usually, the Energizer Bunny balloon played the part of the hare in the race.  This year, it stayed on the ground and watched.

It's a funnel cake, topped with powdered sugar, sprinkled with bacon bits, then doused in maple syrup, more powdered sugar, and finally more maple syrup!

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