Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flowers in our yard

Daffodil 水仙花

Hyacinth  風信子

Grape Hyacinth  葡萄風信子

Iris 鳶尾花

 Daisy 雛菊


 Lily 百合

Rose 玫瑰

Coral bells - the leaves look like corals and the flowers look like little bells.

 Cosmos 波斯菊

Gladiolus or 'Sword lily' 劍蘭. The leaves are shaped like swords.

Yarrow 西洋蓍草

Hosta, Chinese name is 玉簪, my direct translation is Jade hair clip. 

Naked lady/surprise lily/spider lily/magic lily/resurrection lily/hurricane lily/pink flamingo 夏水仙

Coneflower 錐菊

Sunflower 向日葵

 Cleome are also known as spider flowers. Chinese name is 醉蝶花, my direct translation is Drunk butterfly. The petals look like butterflies, and they have pink and purple flowers. 

Hylotelephium spectabile 'Stardust'

Garlic chives or Chinese chives flower 韭菜花. This type of chives and the stem with bud (before it blooms) are a popular vegetable dish for Chinese. 

Trumpetflower 木曼陀


Anonymous said...

imagine a world without flowers.


eHeart said...

when the world just has robots..

Anonymous said...

Sword Lily are so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Wow,beautiful flowers!