Sunday, October 12, 2008

The luckiest person

Chinese have two birth dates, one on the Chinese lunar calendar and one on the solar (western) calendar. In Chinese, there is a belief that the day of giving birth is like a ‘difficult & painful day’. For many years, I have eaten only vegetarian food on my lunar calendar birthday, to show my respect and gratitude to my mom for the pain she had on my birthday.

Normally, we just observe the birthday on the solar calendar. I do not remember all of my family members’ or friends’ birthdays. Sometimes, I can remember one year but forget it another year…. Before I met Steve, I did not have any special celebration. Life is fun with Steve. He gave me a present and celebration for me, I had a happy birthday! I also received a gift card & birthday card full of love from Steve’s mom! I am the luckiest person. I not only have her excellent son, whom she raised & educated, but I also have his mom & family’s love! I am so grateful for everything.

This year, I wanted Steve to make a cake for my birthday; I shared it with friends after meditation class!


一般都只是记着阳历的生日,我不是很记得我家人及朋友们的生日,有时那年记得这年就忘了之前未遇上Steve时,我本身也没什么庆祝自己的生日。与Steve一起,生命充满悦乐的,他为我庆祝及送礼物,让我的生日很快乐开心!还有 Steve妈妈送我的生日礼卡及她满满的爱!我何其有幸,我不仅拥有她养育教导出来的优秀儿子,我还拥有他妈妈及家人的爱!我很感恩这一切。



Yueh Lih said...

Dear SinE,
Wishing for your birthday and always.......
Everything wonderful especially for you.
This brings the best of wishes for a very happy day.....For someone who's remembered in a very special way!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

lktan_sinee said...

Dear Yueh Lih,
Thank you so much.
All the best to you & your family, be healthy, be happy!