Monday, October 6, 2008

Am I moral?

我之前常有数次捐款给槟城檀香寺,一次,我代人捐款 RM50,捐款人是: 遗失钱者。朋友SE刚好在我旁边经过,她好奇的眼光,我就说几天前在某处我拾到 RM50,所以就将它代捐了。她很赞叹的,嗯我却想可能拾到的只是RM50,若是五十千,我是否也会同样如此做?


I have donated money to Penang Than Hsiang temple several times in the past. Once, I donated RM50 in the name of “the person who lost money.” My friend, SE happened to be there and saw what I did. She wondered, so I told her I found RM50 on the ground a few days ago, so I donated it. She praised me. Mmm…I thought it was just RM50; if it is 50 thousand, would I do the same thing?

This time, I found an earring on the ground outside a grocery store here. I picked it up. It looked like real gold with a diamond (or topaz) over half carat size …I thought to look at it seriously to find out whether it was real gold and diamond. Steve’s arm came and grabbed it from my fingers, walked into the store, and passed it to customer service. Hmm…I just felt excited I found a piece of jewelry and I hadn’t looked at it clearly yet…even though it needed to be passed to customer service; I found it, so I should return it! And, this might have been a test for me, whether I am really moral? He spoilt my excitement…I was mad!

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