Monday, October 20, 2008

An exciting water activity

I could try exciting activities, like white water rafting. I have been twice, when I joined adventure tour trips: one in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia and another in Nepal. When the raft came into the rapids, the turbulent currents would spin or bump the raft. So, we needed to try our best to stabilize the raft and handle ourselves, not to be bouncing out into the river…. How exciting is it? You need to experience it yourself!

Sailing is also an exciting activity, and I experienced its excitement too! Steve’s friend, Joe, recommended we sail with an expert who has been sailing for 28 years. At first, Steve was nervous about trying sailing, as he is not a good swimmer, gets seasick, and doesn’t care much for exciting activities. He thought it would be more comfortable on the big committee boat. I wanted him with me for sailing, and finally he tried it. Even though we were not sailing on a rapid river, you need to know the techniques to control the sails against the wind, so the boat does not get turned over. Steve and I didn’t know how to handle the sails, so we just followed instructions. Sometimes we moved to port (left side), sometimes to starboard (right side). When one side of the boat heels (leans close to the river surface), we all needed to go to the other (windward) side, hiking (stretching your body weight out as far as possible) to hold the boat in balance (this made us feel sore and tired)… How exciting is it? You need to experience it yourself!

我可以接受刺激的活动,如急流橡胶筏艇,我只体验过两次,那是旅遊参团的活动之一,一次在东马来西亚Kota Kinabalu,,一次在尼泊尔。当筏来到急流时,急流的汹涌不仅把筏搞得旋转颠伏,在筏上的我们力求稳筏不翻,还要自身避免被弹出筏跌入河流怎样的刺激法?须自己去尝试!


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