Saturday, October 4, 2008



有一次我從和一位朋友的誤會及澄清後,才發覺到我是一厢情願。事由我以為這朋友可幫忙我做某件事,所以我詢問她是否可幫忙,她給我的回應是: “為什麼是我?我整個人愣了一下!我是可以接受拒絕的人,若給我回應是: 不能。我也不在意有没給不能的原因,但她的回應卻讓我覺得我找錯人了!不過朋友還是朋友,我們找了一個機會澄清了各自的想法。



I love friends and friendships are important, but I am the type who is more passive. I mean that, if someone pays attention to our friendship, I pay more attention to him/her. And if friends wanted me to help with something, I would help if possible.
Once, I found I was in a ‘one-sided friendship’ after a conversation with a friend. There was a matter that I thought this friend might help me with, so I called to ask her whether she could help. She responded: “Why me?” I was stunned for a few seconds! I was able to accept rejection if the answer is no, and don’t mind if they have a reason or not. But I felt I was looking for the wrong person when I heard her response! However, we are still friends, and we met to clarify our individual thoughts on it to each other.
At lunchtime when I worked in a company, I liked to go out for lunch with my colleagues if someone invited me. If not, I felt okay going alone, so maybe others thought I preferred going alone. In fact, I do not prefer to be alone, I always felt happy if friends invited me for outings!
I still place importance on friendship, and I am still the type who is more passive!

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