Monday, October 27, 2008

Free heart

Cloud was Wind’s ex-wife; they separated because of some issues. Wind didn’t see Cloud for quite a while. One day, they met on a ‘street’ unexpectedly. Wind was shocked to see Cloud was so different than before! In order to avoid an awkward situation between them, Wind came forward and said hello to Cloud.

Wind said, “How are you? Why do you look so different than before? I hardly recognized you at all!” Cloud said, “I am good! Yes, I am different now.”

“You have changed?” “I am changed. In fact, I was changing all the time, but you never noticed it.”

“That’s why people said cloud (women) change easily?” “It really is. I will change to meet the present situation. Not only has my image changed, my inner mind also has changed because of past experiences. I am no longer the same as before. Because of you, I was sad when you loved Rain. I put all my effort to hold our relationship together; I hoped you would come back to me, but you ignored me. I couldn’t understand you anymore. You liked going out and chasing something, you and Rain were so passionate together. I was distressed and I felt my world was at an end. Nevertheless, I learned a lot from the past experiences. I didn’t attach to the grief; I let it go, and from there I am learning to love myself. I am more confident in myself. Now, I still keep changing, the reason is my heart is free.”

“You don’t hate me anymore?” “I already forgave you; I appreciated the challenges that tempered me, helping me grow. I wish that you have a good partner, are loved and are happy.”

Wind was stunned a little while. After slowly coming back to consciousness, “Ah…Cloud, I…” Cloud is gone.

云曾经是风的妻子,但因一些事故,所以他们决定分手,风没再见到云已有一段时日了。这一天,他们在某不期而遇,风惊觉云怎么与往日却判若两 了!风为免见面的僵况,所以与云打招呼交谈。


你变了? 我是变了,其实我一直在变,只是你从来不细心察觉我而已。

难怪人们都说云(女人)是善变的?” “是没错,我会适时的改变自己,不仅外在的改变,内在也会隨着经历变迁而思想心境改变,我已不是以前的我,因为你爱上雨而让我伤心欲绝,苦苦努力挽留我们的关系,期盼你有回头的希望,但你却逃避不理我,我更无法捉摸你的心,你只顾向外追求,狂风澜雨,令我失望悲痛憔悴,有如世界末日。其实,过往的经验让我学习了很多,我已不再执着过去的伤痛,当我放下时我学会更爱自己,更有自信。现在我还是在变,那是因为我的心已很自由。

你不恨我了吗?” “我已原谅你,我感恩一切曾磨练我成长的事情,我祝福你有好的伴侣,爱情快乐。

风愣了一会,微微从思索回神过来,云,我…” 可云已不知去向。

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