Friday, May 9, 2008


每星期我們的郵件都會收到各商店的廣告單,優惠的貨項我見ALDI連銷店的某些貨項優惠,真的很便宜,如無子葡萄价格是一盒USD1.58/两磅裝,而Steve喜歡去的Schnucks 連銷店,我們曾買過的無子葡萄最優惠也要USD1.50每磅,平時价是USD2.90每磅。




We receive grocery store sales ads every week…. I read one from a franchise chain, ALDI, which had some very good deals, likes seedless grapes for USD1.58 for a 2 lbs pack. Steve likes to go Schnucks and we have bought seedless grapes there, with the cheapest sale price USD1.50/lb, and the normal price about USD2.90/lb.

Steve didn’t like ALDI but I wanted to go there. He thought, since ALDI’s prices were so much cheaper they might not be good quality. They don’t have many varieties of products and you have to buy the shopping bags for your groceries if you don’t bring your own. After I bought some grapes, oranges and other things, I thought they were good. So, I wanted to go there again and after a several times there, he changed his mind a little bit. He likes Pringles potato chips, which is a brand he is familiar with. ALDI’s price is only USD0.79, but its sale price is USD1.00 at other stores (of course the normal price will be higher). If we bought it, the savings is at least 21%, and similar savings on other items. These will save us a little money. Recently many products prices have increased, we will compare and try to save money. However, ALDI is small (about 1/5 the size of Schnucks) with two or three cashiers and no bagger. Maybe because their cost is lower compared to others, so their prices are cheaper!

In fact, I appreciate that ALDI doesn’t provide shopping bags (they sell plastic/paper bags). That reduces the quantity of plastic/paper bags, which is one solution to help protect the environment.

ALDI didn’t pay me for commercial ads here!

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