Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No deal


我就先講講我的小故事,我先父母的年代,没有節育的概念,所以任由我們七兄弟姐妹到世,我之上一位哥哥五歲后就是我,也是最后一位。在我少年時,也不知講到何事,我姐講了关於我出世時,有位朋友是護士,她结婚多年卻没有兒女,有意向我母親要領養我為女,母親並無介意,口頭接受,而我大哥大姐卻反對,但后來是因為我的生辰八字不合領養人,所以没有成交!當時我正在幫忙父親的小販工作,聽了覺得不快,我說,如果是给護士領養去,一定會比較好命。我大姐反駁說,你怎知道,可能他們會kor tok(虐待)你也不一定!哈哈我是註定留在這個家。


I read a Malaysian news article about some people being arrested in connection with baby-for-sale racket and a Chinese article 生命何价 criticizing this issue. Ahh! This world is full of complicated issues.

I would like to tell a little story of mine. During the time of my late parents, they didn’t have any concept of birth control, so all seven sons and daughters came one by one. I am the last, born after my elder brother was five years old. One day, when I was a teenager, I chatted with my sister and she said: a few days after I was born, a friend who is a nurse but didn’t have any kids after being married many years intended to adopt me. My mom didn’t think much and said okay, but my eldest brother and sister objected. After they checked with an astrologer, it was no deal, because my birth date did not match that adopter! I felt unhappy when I heard; at that time I was helping my dad’s work (he was a hawker). I said, “I might have had a better life if the nurse had been my parent.” My sister retorted to me, “Who knows, they might have treated you bad; you couldn’t be sure!” Haha…my destiny was staying with my family.

I heard before about a few friends whose relatives didn’t have kids and bought babies… I was simply thinking that maybe some foreign workers who couldn’t afford to raise their babies… Nowadays, the fact is the racket dominates behind the scenes. Sigh…more unkind people!

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