Thursday, June 23, 2016

No longer network service for 2G

不怕你笑話,  我的手機是'老爺'的。
我2007來美國前,Steve單身一人,他沒社交,没有手機。基本上,買這手機是給我出去時可以用。而且是預付 $25 限期90天,每90天加額時都有剩遺額加上,所以用不完。
 我的朋友和同學說用Whatapps 和Wechat。不了,我沒有smart手機。:)

Seemed everyone already has a smart phone, but I still use this old type 2G cell phone. 
Steve didn't care about a cell phone when he was single, before I moved here in 2007. Basically, this cell is for me when I was out alone or with a friend. It's prepaid $25 for 90 days and we always have balance added in when we refilled. 
My friends told me we can chat in whatsapp and wechat. Sorry I don't use a smart phone. 

最近被通知該網絡已升級,2G 設備服務將於 2016 年尾終止,須盡速更換 3G 或 4G LTE 設備以免影嚮服務。
Recently, we were informed: Due to planned network upgrades your device will no longer work on the AT&T network after December 2016. To avoid service disruption, upgrade to a 3G or 4G LTE device as soon as possible.    

Oh o, we need to say goodbye to it soon.
Can anyone out there recommend a plan network?  


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