Monday, June 6, 2016

A tool 吊籃

我看到 Soo 的貼照上臉書,想起我在檳城時也有拍這張照片。找到了,這是2013年6月時拍的壁畫,竹籃是真的。

(跟現在 Soo 的貼照似乎已有稍改一點)

我從0至7或8歲的家是租在樓上,我們就是有這樣有趣的生活情景,不想下樓買東西時,就通過吊繩籃子做交易。常見的是三輪車的小販,麵包、麵食、糕、小食等,大多都是流通式的經過各街小巷,有些用叮鈴、喇叭、敲板、叫賣,各有特音。聽到他們來了,想買就喊住他停,我們將錢放在籃子,吊繩放下去 turun,東西就會放進籃子,然後我們就拉繩上來 angkat!真的很有趣的,我最喜歡玩..放..拉..turun..angkat.. 那時很小,但印象深刻。



The first picture was taken in June 2013 in Penang. It is a street wall painting, but the basket is real. The second picture was taken by a friend recently, it seems the painting has changed a little bit. 

When I saw this painting, the scenes of my childhood period flashed up..
We stayed in the upper floor of a rented house from before I was born until I was 7 or 8 year old. We had this fun tool - a basket with rope to buy things. Normally, those hawkers went around in their trishaws, going around the streets, selling breads, noodles, cakes, snacks, etc. Each had their own specific sound like a ringing a bell, honking a horn, wood, or voice to signal they were coming. When we heard them and wanted to buy something, we would just yell for them to stop. We put money in the basket, lowering the basket down with a rope. The hawker would put the things in the basket, and we would pull it up. That was really interesting, I liked to play with the tool.. down... up... I was young but the image still impressed.

I couldn't play with it anymore after we rented a whole house. 

Nowadays, I don't think Penang has this scene anymore.
Is this the evolution of the individual's mindset or the evolution of society?


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Amazing ;)


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Teng Keong

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I wish I could have seen more of "old Penang"! I love Sin E's stories about growing up there.:)