Saturday, May 30, 2015

US - Ohio

Wooo... we travel in space! 
We took photos for each other. 

Shot...Steve photography skill spoiled the picture - it was not true.

We to Dayton to visit the National Museum of the United State Air Force, not in space.

There are four hangars, filled with aircraft from different times, starting from balloons and continuing through modern planes.  The fourth building, Presidential Aircraft, Space, Research & Development and Global Research Galleries was closed when we visited.

So much to see, and we can't believe it is free.

Then we went to Carillon Historical Park.

The Wright Cycle Company.  
The Wright Brothers made bicycles when they weren't trying to make the first powered airplane.
How did they get onto a cycle with such a big wheel, which is taller than a person's legs?

Dayton Aviation Heritage museum just next to the Wright Cycle Company.

Paul Laurence Dunbar State Memorial.

We shouldn't have gone to the zoo car park, the fee is $9. Then we found the basic entrance fee is $18 per person. 
There were several admission packages that included riding the train and 4-D theater.  
These tigers had the right idea - let the silly humans walk around in the heat, while they found some cool sand to nap on.

I felt bad all the animals there couldn't live in the wild anymore.

We can touch this adult scorpion, it wouldn't sting. The body changes colors under black light.

William Howard Taft National Historic Site. 

During his life, we was an ambassador, the 27th president of the US, and a chief justice of the Supreme Court.  He was also a founder of the Republican political party. 

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park


Serpent Mound - a large earthen mound, shaped like a giant snake eating an egg.  

The coils in the snake's body are aligned with solar and lunar calendar events.

 One of the people at the national park recommended a well-known Amish bakery store on the way from the Hopewell Cultural Park to Serpent Mound.


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