Sunday, May 31, 2015

US - Kentucky

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site

The log cabin, originally thought to be Lincoln's, is preserved inside the memorial.  It was discovered later that this cabin is in the correct location, but dates to a slightly later time than Lincoln's birth.  

Mammoth Cave National Park

The park is free entrance, but the Historic cave tour is $14 per person.
This tour guide is very funny and entertaining.

There are creatures living in the cave.  
'The northern cavefish is distantly related to trout and perch. Charles Darwin was fascinated by cavefish. "It is well known," he wrote, "that several animals which inhabit the caves of Kentucky are blind." Darwin theorized that the fish lost the ability to see because it would not use its eyes in the cave's eternal darkness.
Research suggests that natural selection led to an increase in senses like taste and touch, while diminishing the sense of sight-leading to undeveloped eyes.'

At 400 miles, it is the longest cave in the world, and new sections of cave are still being discovered and mapped. 

We stayed in Wingfield Inn & Suites at Elizabethtown.  When we got to the room, we discovered it had a whirlpool bath, and the rate was very good. Surely, I'd like to enjoy, as this was the first time I had seen it among those hotels we stayed before. However, I shouldn't have made the water so hot and stayed in so long. I got dizzy and it was hard to breath.

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