Friday, May 29, 2015

Family wedding

We were at Voice of America Park in Cincinatti, Ohio. 
Steve, with his sister, Joan. 

 Steve's nephew, Jason (the groom), at his wedding rehearsal.
I didn't have any pictures of Shellie & Jason's wedding, because I forgot my camera at the hotel!

There was a little time between the wedding and reception, so we went back to the hotel for my camera, before going to the reception.  
The table at the entrance had photos of family members who have passed away, but were there with us, in spirit for the celebration. 

The wedding party.

Jason's niece gave a prayer before the meal.

Steve's sister Joan (2nd from left), with her husband Dave. Dave made a short speech during the toasts.  They had celebrated their 50th anniversary a few weeks before, and he wished his son & new daughter-in-law, and every couple, would have their 50th, too.

The dessert bar

The married couple's first dance.

The second dance: the bride dancing with her father, and groom dancing with his mother.

Then came the anniversary dances!  The longest married couple (Joan & Dave, at 50 years) went onto the dance  floor first.  Followed by couples married more than 40, 30, 20, 10, 5...then all married couples, and finally everyone else.

We had family chatting time at Joan & Dave's house.

Peanut butter S'mores (toasted marshmallows & peanut butter cups, sandwiched between graham crackers) made over the fire pit in the back yard.

And a little music & singing around the fire.

That was fun and wonderful; we really enjoyed our brief time there.

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steve looks young with slimmer shape. smile emoticon :)