Saturday, May 2, 2015

Colorful irises

Iris: its name comes from the Greek word for a rainbow.
The plant has a wide variety of colors.
They have 6 petals; 3 petals stand up, the other 3 petals lay back.

Which group of colors do you like?





A lot of Irises in the botanical garden haven't bloomed, so I didn't get all of the colors yet. 

This is the Iris garden, which is just a small area in the botanical garden, but contains many varietals.  In the background, you can see someone sitting on a bench, drawing the irises.  
There were several people throughout the garden with drawing pads and pastels; it looked like an art class was visiting today.


Anonymous said...

Funny, but I find the pictures of individual flowers more impressive than the one of the whole field. Well done, Sin E, thanks for letting me see these. :)


Anonymous said...

Sin E. My mother in law and father in law raise irises. They have a iris garden here in California. They breed irises and sell them all across the country. Right now their garden is in full bloom.


eHeart said...

Carol, you are right, we need to look the flowers closer. :)