Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chile - Easter Island (Rapa Nui) part 1

The day we left on our trip we found our tickets from Santiago to Easter Island were business class. I searched online for the agent with the cheapest flight through and we booked our flight. 
This was my first time in business class with seats that lay flat; it was great. I found my entertainment screen not working. The flight attendant tried resetting it a few times, but I still couldn’t watch a movie. They gave me a form and wanted me to write a complaint. 
I felt bored, and napped for a little while. 
When we were coming in for a landing on Easter Island, there was storm. The airplane prepared to land and headed down, but it suddenly flew up, just before it touched the runway. The captain announced conditions were too bad to land, and we needed to wait about 15 minutes to see if it improved. We watched our airplane circle on the GPS screen. The airplane was shaking in the bad weather, and sunk a few feet suddenly. A lot of passengers screamed at that moment. Steve was searched an airsick bag to prepare. 
My left hand held tight with Steve’s right hand. The airplane still couldn’t land and had to make one more circle, and the airplane was shaking often. 
That moment, I had a thought: can I accept my death now? 
My answer was: yes. It was automatic: I silently chanted the ‘Heart Sutra’. 
I always prepare myself. I hope I am mindful and in peace when the moment of dying comes. 
Luckily, the wheels touched down, and there was applause from the passengers. 
I asked Steve, what his thought was that moment. He said he was counting breaths (one of the meditation methods). 
I appreciate I visited Easter Island, and would like to share some photos with you.  
我們要出發到Easter Island的那天,才發現所訂的Santiago (SCL) – Easter Island (IPC) 來回票是business class商務艙,我是上綱查farecompare.com看那個代理的機票價最低,就在某代理綱訂購。
飛機在Easter Island上空時,下著大雨。當飛機已漸漸下降要到跑道時又突然漸漸上升。機長說必須延遲約15分鐘,情況好才下降。營幕上顯示飛機繞圈,突然飛機震盪,往下沉了幾尺,很多人發出驚呼。Steve開始找吐袋作準備。
感恩可以在這一生旅遊Easter Island,與你分享一些照片。


Vaihu/Hanga Te'e


Rano Raraku


Papa Vaka

 Te Pito Kura


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