Saturday, January 14, 2012

5th anniversary

This year, our first vacation will be in South America: Santiago and Easter Island in Chile, our first trip to Chile. This is to celebrate our 5th anniversary. 
So thankful to my love, husband. And grateful for everything.

今年的第一個旅遊將會是南美洲,另一個首次旅遊的國家,智利的SantiagoEaster Island。這是慶祝我們結婚五週年。

Looking at the backyard through the window, snow flakes fly, blown by the wind. 
Looking at the backyard through the window again, shadows move on the wall of the neighbor’s house. They look like spirits flying! But it is just smoke from the chimney of another house. 
The snow flakes and smoke shadows have different dance styles, one going down, one going up, but they dance slowly. 
These natural dances are so wonderful. 


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