Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chile - Easter Island (Rapa Nui) part 2

Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, it is still a remote place that hasn’t been destroyed yet by tourism. 
Easter Island在南太平洋,地方遍遠純樸,還未被旅行業破壞。

Rano Kau

 (Cave)Ana Kai Tangata

Puna Pau

Ahu Akivi

(Cave)Ana Te Phu

Ahu Tepeu
 (Cave)Ana Kakenga

Hanga Kio'e


Hanga Roa

The return flight was also in business class.  This time, I found some ants climbing around on my meal tray. I told the flight attendant and they wrote a complaint form. 
The service in business class seems serious. 

后記: 年輕時曾好奇算過命,算命師其中一句話是: 你的命很大,即使飛機意外,別人死了,你也不會死...(算命師算是幽默)
Note: due to curiosity, I went to a fortune teller years ago. One of the things the fortune teller said: you have ‘big’ life, even though others might die in an airplane crash, you wouldn’t. (The fortune teller was humorous.)  


Forest said...

Indeed you have a "big" life enjoying faraway places that many will not even have the opportunity to included.

eHeart said...

One of my dreams is to see the world. ;-)
Dream big, then make your dream come true.