Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Own cup not allowed in American Airlines!

Before the trip, when I was packing things in my luggage at home, I was thinking whether to bring a little thermos along. I don’t like using disposable utensils, because they create unnecessary trash for the earth.
The thermos did not get to travel with me finally. I didn’t take it.

I regretted I didn’t have it when I saw a westerner guy hand his cup to the flight attendant in the Cathay Pacific plane. The flight attendants always have good manners and smile.
While staying in my friend’s house in Penang, she was so kind to give me one cup from set of 4 Tupperware cups. I filled it with water and it went out with me everyday.
I emptied it for the airport’s security.

The day we travelled back home, I almost forget I had a cup in my carry-on bag until we were in the American Airlines flight from Dallas to St. Louis.
I handed my cup to the assistant: “I would like to have coffee in my cup.”
“No, we are not allowed to do that. We use only our cups.” She sounded loud and didn’t even say it in a polite way or smile. She passed me a foam cup of coffee, and I was unhappy to take it.
After a while, she came back and said; “I hope you understand, some people bring their big containers and ask us to fill them.”
“This foam is not good for hot drinks.” I don’t know why I said this, instead of saying I didn’t ask to fill full my cup.
She said again: “That’s what they told us.”
What kind of service? Does American Airlines worry and are afraid of customers trying to ask much more than a cup of coffee? Please care about peoples’ health and the environment!
回美國的行程,我已幾乎忘了我有水罐在包里帶着至到最後的America航空機,從DallasSt. Louis
: “請用我的水罐給我咖啡。
: “我希望你明白,有些人拿很大的罐装。
: “他們是這麽跟我們講。

Do you think I can sue American Airlines or sue her for rejecting me using my own cup on the airplane?
Steve said no, they don’t have to provide you drinks!
I think Steve prefers to argue with me rather than others.
你認為我可以控訴 American航空或控訴空姐拒絕我用自己的水罐嗎?


Karen Wagoner Wagner said...

Steve is right, they do not have to provide you with drinks. I think it's sad that they wouldn't fill your cup. Next time tell them that you are alergic to something in the styrofoam cups and can not drink out of them then they will probably fill your cup.

eHeart said...

then why do they provide drinks? aren't the drinks part of the cost of our ticket price? i would rather have the cheaper price.
the other thing, no matter what the reason, doesn't the customer have the right to use their own cup? that flight attendant was very offensive.
we were in walmart shopping and the staff thanks me for bringing my own bag.

Karen Wagoner Wagner said...

I agree with you 100%