Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cambodia - Tonle Sap Lake

We took a private boat tour of the floating village at Tonle Sap Lake - the boat was for us only. Running the boat was a young captain and a young boy for a first mate.
我們乘船去看Tonle Sap湖的水上人家,船只載我們倆私人團而已,年青的舵手及小男孩助手。

Floating church

The captain was like a tour guide also, introducing the floating village… and a floating school. He said we can get some food in a store to donate to the students. A little store has some stationery, like note books, pencils… and food like candy, snacks, instant noodles… A box of instant noodles is $22. What a price! “$22! We don’t have enough money.” We did not buy anything (we really didn’t have enough money!), but I thought to make a small donation to the school instead.

When I stepped in the school, I saw a man with the kids and I assumed he was a teacher. I handed money to him: “This is my little donation.” He smiled and received it.

I turned around and saw a donation box. He saw me point to the box, but he ignored what I meant. Hmm… as I tell you this story I realize I have attachment to my donation. Let it go.

A crocodile farm

This trip is not a pleasant boat tour for me, seeing the parents with kids row their boats up to the tour boats, and having the kids approach you to sell drinks.

I am so sad seeing the moms carry their babies to beg for money.

Poor is not a sin, but sacrificing the childhood the kids deserve, would that make them (self-esteem) poorer?

I am wishing them well.

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