Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cambodia - Siem Reap

Photo taken in 2002

This was my second time visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia - Angkor Wat.
這是我第二次到柬埔寨,Siem Reap城的Angkor Wat. 這次是與Steve

Photo taken in 2002

Because of Steve, I was glad and came to see ‘you’ again, nine years later. I like your amazing smile, but aging not only on me, also on you. I wish your smile will last forever; however, I know all these are impermanent...

The month of May is the low season for tourism.


The hawkers try their best to sell you something; they will lower the price to get your attention...

They will surround you, especially the westerners like Steve.



However, it seems they have their boundary, once you pass that, you will be released.



I do not feel comfortable as there are a lot of young kids selling things. Why are they not in school?

A boy speaks fluent English, and he follows us and tries to be our tour guide. When he knew I wanted to take a photo of Steve, he ran and sat there. I was laughing, but he pretended to slide his body away.

Later, Steve told me he asked for 1 dollar.


Sue said...

What a beautiful, almost magical place. The pictures are fantastic! They make me want to know more about the history of Cambodia. Thank you for sharing. Love, Sue

joan wells said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog. I think you take very good pictures and your thoughts and captions explain everything so well. It is very interesting to see other countries. Keep posting! Joan

eHeart said...

Sue and Joan, thank you.