Monday, July 6, 2009

Unconditional love

I am always wondering if there is really unconditional love between husband and wife - not having any expectations of each other?

I have tried several times to advise him to reduce soda, chocolate, cookies, and those fatty foods. Sometimes he replies, “I know.” Nevertheless, he still has those foods. I just felt very frustrated. Wasn’t it that I expected him to listen to me? Why do I have this expectation? Is it because I love him? Why do I want him to listen to me and to change? Is it because I am afraid for his health and I don’t want to face any worries, stress or other things? Ah, in fact, this is selfish love. Frankly, I love myself more than I love him!
One day I was sick and I felt very weak, Steve said he wanted to wash the dishes. I was so appreciative of him. That’s why I didn’t ask him to do it, but he spontaneously did it. We were both very pleased. The next day, I saw a little dirt on the stove when I was cooking something. I did a little blaming, “You didn’t clean the stove when you washed the dishes?” He responded yeah he forgot to do that. Immediately, I realized my expectation came up – I expected him to clean the stove!

Recalling the days since we got married over two years ago, did Steve have any expectations of me? I can’t find any one? He loves me with his unconditional love. I felt very ashamed, I need to learn!

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