Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grow healthy

Four of us together went to the Mid-America Buddhist Association, we wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery, as one of us hadn’t been there before. A venerable there was so kind and said we could take home some vegetables and fruits grown there. She said they have more than they could eat. The USA has four seasons and our area can harvest once during summer if planting the vegetables yourself. Other times, the plants cannot grow.
After we cut some vegetables, then we plucked some blackberries. It was nice plucking and eating.
The lotuses on the pond, the sunflowers, and other kinds of flowers also bloom once a year. The lotuses, sunflowers and hibiscus are huge. I asked to have some roots of lotus and water lily… to plant them in dirt and water at home.
I was glad that I have a little bodhi tree. The venerable said this little one is cut from the bodhi tree in the temple, and that bodhi tree came from India. When I got back home, we re-planted the bodhi tree in a bigger pot. I need to move it inside the house during Winter here.I hope they grow healthy.






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