Monday, July 27, 2009

Selfless or selfish volunteering?

One day, TLing was talking about volunteering to clean toilets in a temple, and I commented immediately, “I don’t like cleaning. I am okay doing other things, except cleaning. I don’t want to be a cleaning volunteer.” Ah…I really am a selfish volunteer; I choose work even though I volunteer.
My memory goes back to twenty years ago, a man (I guessed he often helped in a Taoist temple) came to my god-mother's family business (business in making fabric flags, etc) to buy something for the Taoist temple. After, he was chit-chatting with my god-mother. He said he went to the general (government) hospital that morning and saw an old man on the bed, covered with excrement. It seemed like nobody cared for that patient, so he carried that patient to a wheel chair and showered him in a bathroom. Then put him in clean clothes and changed the bed sheet. After that, he smelled stinky himself, so he rushed back home to get a shower. My god-mother praised him for what he did. I praised him from my heart too, he wasn’t a volunteer from any organization there, but he was selfless to help others. This was a story from over twenty years ago; somehow I remembered it.
Although I said I am a volunteer, I try to ask myself – am I willing to help and clean the excrement of someone who is not related to me?

有一天,TLing和我說起關於在佛寺當義工清潔廁所的事,我很快的冒出一句話,我最不喜歡清潔工作,叫我做其它事都可以,我不要當清潔義工。 我真是個自私心的義工,做義工竟然要選擇工作。




sue said...

the real question here is not am I willing to help and clean the excrement of someone who is not related to me? But can I pass that person by and not help them?

From what I have read of you here I do not think you would pass them by.

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eHeart said...

I have read your blog, I do think you are a kind person.

eHeart said...

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