Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Relaxed people

July 4 is the USA’s Independence Day. A lot of places have their individual celebrations with big or small events. Our area, Florissant Valley, also has a small celebration with a band and fireworks. We knew that the band would start at 7.30pm, with the fireworks after that, so at 7.25pm we walked from our house to there, about 25 minutes. We saw many people already sitting in their own chairs around the field, not all of them crowded in front the band. They were just waiting to see the fireworks; I think they are very relaxed. We did not know the time for the fireworks, and I felt a little impatient even though I was relaxed. We all waited until 9.30pm. I was thinking I wouldn’t have wasted time waiting there if I had known it started so late. And I was also thinking those relaxed people wouldn’t have thought the same as me.

Ah…the fireworks were laughing loudly at me…

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