Friday, June 26, 2009

Just be yourself

I cut my hair, which went several inches past my shoulder, very short. I felt I was not ready to change my hair to such a short style so suddenly, and I regretted that I asked my friend to cut it and got such short hair. However, I was okay after a few days. But somehow I looked funny when I woke up with ‘standing’ short hairs, they didn’t obey even when I pressed them down.
My friend asked me, “Your husband liked that you cut your hair short?” I replied, “He doesn’t care whether I want or don’t want to cut my hair.” I know what she means – men like ladies with long hair! For me, I don’t think I need it – to have long hair because of my husband.
Nevertheless, I would like to find out whether it is true that men like ladies with long hair, so I asked Steve, “Do you prefer me with long hair or short hair?” He said, “You look beautiful with long hair; you also look pretty with short hair.” This is a smart guy’s answer. I wasn’t very happy with it and I asked again, “Don’t men like ladies with long hair?” He said, “There are many men who like ladies with long hair, but many like ladies with short hair too.”
The answer sounds like it is not an answer. Sighs… ladies, just be yourself!


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm chai yun's son. Would you mind link me as your 'THE LINKS WHO KNOW ME' link? You are linked too.

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Origin said...

Thanks for the linking Aunt Syee.

eHeart said...

Yan Yao,
You are welcome.

sue said...

Sounds like a smart man. He loves you no matter how your hair looks.

eHeart said...

Yes, he is. ;-) That's why i married him.