Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sharing household jobs

Even though in this era both husband and wife tend to earn income for a family, there are still some people with the old perception – paternal domination. It means the household jobs and raising the kids are done by the female; husbands simply take a rest on the sofa with the newspaper or TV after work. Wives need to cook or clean the home, or take care of kids after worked. It seems like females bear more hardship selflessly, without complaining. If she has an understanding husband to help with some household jobs or raising the kids, the wife will feel glad and appreciative.
I married and moved to the USA with my husband. I stand to reason that I need to adjust the environment, took the chance and retired, and my dream came true – I don’t need to work hard for money. Steve takes his lunch (he buys a pack of around six chicken breasts, he uses seasoning and cooks all of them, then puts them in the freezer, and has one piece of chicken for one lunch) every working day. I am at home; I read some news and information from the internet. I cook my lunch and I often do cleaning. Our dinner is a small meal, and sometimes I cook both our favorite foods. Most times we have our individual favorite snacks. After dinner, while I wash dishes he touches and hugs my back a little. Previously, washing dishes was his job too, but I didn’t like the way he did it, so I took over this job. Now, he is only allowed to dry some of the clean dishes. If I vacuum carpets, he helps to move things around. He is in charge of our laundry once a week and I help him a little. He mows the yard, and I clean the garage or car. I am a housewife, but my husband spontaneously shares household jobs.
I guess I built up a lot of good karma in my past life, that I met a wonderful soul mate. I express my appreciation to him every night before we go to sleep.


Cheena Bukit said...

Hi eHeart,

I read your interesting blog and to read on your personal observations, opinions of what it is like living in the US. Different culture, environment, etc.:) Nice pics too, I love nature pics, the flowers, farms, etc.

I have added "follow your blog" hope that is alright with you?

Thanks so much and God bless you and your hubby

eHeart said...

Hi Cheena Bukit,
You are welcome. I am glad you enjoy reading my blog.

FuRby said...

So sweet :)

We should always express our appreciation to those we love, not just put deep inside the heart. Glad that you did it, and me too. :P

eHeart said...

Very good.


*touching*. Chinese would say that "your husband belongs to extinct species :)