Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Transform memory

Heart burst into Memory’s home.

Memory says, “What’s up?” Heart says, “I feel bored! I came to visit you and entertain a little while.”

“My house is full of stuff; I’m afraid I don’t have any place for you to sit.” “Oh…that doesn’t matter, I wanted to look around your home to see what good stuff you have.”

“Hey…don’t simply touch my things! Some of them are in a terrible mess or in a state of utter confusion or entanglement; some of them have been covered in dust for a long time…. Err!” “Ahh…why don’t you reorganize them?”

“I am busy! I am busy collecting things to bring back home everyday; new things coming in and I still like to keep the old things!” “How can I help you?”

“How can you help me?” “Mmm…I don’t know yet. I will see what things I can learn!”

“Ha…learning? Don’t take away my things!” “No, I couldn’t take away your things!”

“Then what are you attempting to do?” “I will try to help you reorganize or realize some things that you didn’t recognize or some things very complicated or confused you since you collected them.”

“What’s the fun?” “It isn’t fun? So, why do you want to collect new things everyday, huh?”

“I mean a thing is still a thing after you look at it again. What will be different, huh?” “When you re-examine it, and if you know how to transform and give it a new definition, you might appreciate the things you have.”

“Mmm…it is none of my business. I just like to collect them! Ah…if you are interested in reorganizing them, then you just do it!”



我家装满了很多东西,恐怕没地方招待你坐。” “没关系,我就是来看看你家有什么好东西的。

可别乱碰我的东西呵!有些东西乱七八糟的、纠缠交结的、尘封已久的唉!” “你怎么不整理整理?

我忙得很呀!每天都忙着收东西进家,新的进来旧的却不舍得丢掉!” “那你须要我的帮忙吗?

帮我什么?” “我也不知道,就看看什么是可以让我学习的!

学习?你可别把我的东西带走!” “不,我可带不走你的东西。

那你有何企图?” “我可以尝试帮你整理或认知一些东西,比如你收集了的东西,很复杂混乱的或你不明白它是什么的,重新再去审视它。

这有什么好玩?” “不好玩吗?那干嘛你每天要收新的东西?

我想你再审视后,东西毕竟还是东西,会有什么不同呢?” “当你再审视时,如你懂得如何转化及给它新的诠释,你可能会欣赏感激你所拥有的东西。



墨鱼 said...


“我忙得很呀!每天都忙着收东西进家,新的进来旧的却不舍得丢掉!” 似曾相识,好像在说我。。。。。

eHeart said...

*o* 每个人的记忆都很忙...