Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wat Tan Hor

炒河粉 在幾個國家如泰國、中國、香港、越南都有,但材料煮法卻不盡相同。我當然喜歡檳城的炒河粉(char hor fun),淋汁若要加蛋的,那就叫滑蛋河wat tan hor),那都是廣東話。我在這没看到有賣如檳城的大片河粉,只有像粿條的,我只好用干米粉片(如粿汁的)和米粉
炒河粉 is a type of fried rice noodles you can get in a few countries like Thailand, China, Hong Kong or Vietnam, but their ingredients are different. Of course, I like炒河粉 (char hor fun) from Penang. Char hor fun has gravy; if you want an egg added, then it is called wat tan hor. Both pronunciations are in Cantonese. I couldn’t find the big flat fresh rice noodles like in Penang, but the Chinese grocery has rice noodles like ‘kway teow’. So instead, I soaked dry rice flakes (like koay chap) and rice vermicelli for it…

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