Monday, August 11, 2008

Beijing Olympics show

我們很有福氣可以從電視看到花費400億美元(驚人的數字報導)的北京奧運!無可否認的這由著名導演張藝謀精心持制的開幕設計,切實震撼人心。中國似乎就是為了展現其超強國力,但另一方面我卻不敢苟同對待其貧民的政方北京為了奧運開幕 整容,之前我閱光华日報的言論版 歐宗敏一文北京人的日常生活都必须随着奥运的需要,或者以大局为重,不得不做出重大的改变,例如不计成本的停止正在施工的工地、有一半的汽车不准行驶、关闭大量娱乐场所、强迫农民工回乡、媒体必须减少负面报道,甚至拒绝发放签证给外国游客等。…’



We were so lucky…to see the Beijing Olympics on the TV, which has spent over US$40bn (huge amount reported)! We couldn’t deny that the opening ceremony, directed by Zhang Yimou (a famed Chinese film maker), was so amazing to everyone. China seemed to show superb strength to all people in the world. However, I didn’t agree with the way the government treats their poor people…Beijing was ‘plastic surgery’ before opening. I read a Chinese article by 歐宗敏 (I translated from Chinese): “…because of the importance of the Olympics, perhaps they need to put the interests of the whole above everything else. The people living in Beijing couldn’t avoid having to make big changes, like stopping all works that are still under construction without regard for the cost, only allowing half the cars out on any given day, shutting down a lot of night clubs, forcing farmers and workers to go back to their hometowns, requiring the media to reduce reporting negative news, and rejecting visa applications for some foreign travelers, and etc…”

Also, from the BBC news (I translated from Chinese): “… others are still concerned and criticize China about the issues of human rights, lack of freedom of speech, air pollution, etc…”

We traveled to Beijing in 2006 – the sky was hazy and we couldn’t see the sun. Many beggars were on the walk ways. I think if you are in Beijing now, the beggars might be pushed out from Beijing. But, is the sky still hazy or is there even more haze?

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