Monday, August 4, 2008

A 14 hour drive for a 2 hour visit Space & Rocket Center, Alabama

Steve的姐姐Sue的女兒Elizabeth在暑假參加六天的Space Camp(太空營),地点是Alabama州的Huntsville城市,Sue計劃駕車去接女兒回家,她就從家駕三小時半到我們家過夜,並邀我們與她一起去,因為從我們家去Huntsville是七小時,她準備约4am起程,中午她女兒的结營禮后又七小時駕回程再到我們家過夜,Steve念及可減輕只Sue一人駕駛,他可承擔替換駕車,我們決定與她同往。




A 14 hours drive for a 2 hours visit Steve’s sister, Sue’s daughter, Elizabeth attended a six day Space Camp during the summer break. The camp is in Huntsville, Alabama. Sue planned to drive to pick her daughter up, she drove three and a half hours from their house and stopped over night at our house. She also invited us to accompany her to Huntsville, as it requires seven hours to get there from our place. She planned to leave here around 4 a.m., to arrive there to see her daughter’s camp graduation at noon, and then drive seven hours back on the same day, staying overnight again in our house. Steve understood that it would be very tough for her if she drove by herself. We decided to go with her; at least he could drive part of the trip.

This trip we visited the center and we saw a real rocket! In a display of the inside of the Space Station is a very narrow toilet. An artist doing his cool art outside the museum…

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